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Two portraits

Document, impression and moment.

Disky Disc presents in its video library two artists:

Ray Harryhausen, visual effects creator, writer, and producer, USA

Papa Paul, travelling musician, composer and poet, DR Congo

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Ray Harryhausen paid a visit to the little village of Harriehausen from the 5th to the 10th of September 2001. Harriehausen is located close to Hannover, Lower Saxonia, Germany. Together with his wife Diana, Ray researched his German roots. This video is meant as an appreciation of Ray and Diana Harryhausen, two wonderful people I had the pleasure and honor to meet on my earth walk.

Kajungo Ma-Na Ma-Ma

This is a rare and authentic document of East Congo region presenting Papa Paul. Papa Paul is playing his songs since almost 50 years all over Central and East Congo and is one of the origin few traveling musicians of his country. His guitar is built by himself and the strings are taut wire. The Story of (a man called) Kajungo - Ma-Na Ma-Ma (son of a mother) tells about Kajungo's experience tasting good and evil in life. Papa Paul's way of storytelling is a traditional art form - "Congo Blues" - Stories of flesh and blood and poetry - the way life is.


Stefan Birckmann

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