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Disky Disc in New York

Photo: Bruce French


Disky Disc

When Rolf Giesen saw the color discs many (many) years ago, he said:

"I would call it Disky Disc… Disky with a K."

The Diskys keep on turning and turning since then...

Disky Discs

That's the look.



DISKY DISC-action 2004 in "Lazy Town" - "Man on a Mission".


Here you can download 2 Discs and print out.

NB: All original DISKY DISCS are painted; therefore, there are some irregularities or, better said, slight asymmetries by the wheel itself. Just handmade, folks.

How to build a „RotoMax 1.0“ and what am I gonna do with it?

1) Choose one Disky Disc

2) Download your Disky Disc 

3)Take a pair of scissors and cut out your disc

4) Glue it on paperboard 

5) Take a cork, preferably champagne, and a needle or thin nail 

6) Pin your disc with the needle/nail on the cork

7) Hold your „RotoMax 1.0“ vertical 

8) Spin the edge of the disc with the pointer finger 

9) Let it rotate on maximum you can get and than let it roll out 

10) Take a picture of the spinning disc

11) Cool?


Stefan Birckmann

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