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Father Rhine flows rightward
The sun shines bright
Slow train rolls North

The loudspeaker in the compartment says
Next stop Andernach
Because of construction works, please exit to the left

Loudspeaker's voice does not say
Charles Bukowski was born here
By arrival a dismal building is seen from out of the cabin window

But salutary Mozart tingles out of the IPod
At the track appears a pretty Fräulein in a tight mint mini skirt
Her lips invisible, hidden behind a pink gum bubble 

Only a dream
Caution at the platform edge
The doors are closing automatically



Coming wherefrom?
Going whereto?

Rotating around foreshadow and knowledge
No standstill but permanent motion

Enlaced by nature
As we are

Sweetness of Life
Chill of dew





An important matter
An important save
The world champion saves the shot

The hope
We shoot another goal by our own
And stay in the game

Spaces and dreams
Dreams for spaces
Spaces for dreams




Foreign stairs
Nameless shapes

Chance encounter
On thousand paths

In many a alley
Some well-meaning people recommended beneath good food, health
Hobbies, politics and beverages

Try Buddha
Try God
Try Allah
Try Jahweh
Try Krishna

One murmured
Religion doesn't pay

Try Heroin

En route
On the way

What a strange weird journey this is




Stefan Birckmann

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