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Snapshots +1

Isn't it sometimes wonderful - kind of marvellous - how we make it from moment to moment and from one day to an other?

Snapshots connects first time
Stefan's poetic works and photos of the past ten years.
Further more he presents an own adaption into German (+1) of
Gil Scott Heron's The revolution will not be televised

Snapshots + 1 is released October 6. 2017 by
Goethe und Hafis Verlag Bonn

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Layer Cake

Released 2015 by Goethe und Hafis, Bonn

„Layer cake - is a transgenerational Tale" about youth and age. A fictionally track tracing in two chapters.

The first chapter, a kind of "revisit", is about a young man in his teen age and "experience years", in the 1970ies.

The second chapter overleaps more than 30 years and tells about a sunny-summer-Sunday in in the 2000s. Now, as a man, the protagonist is visiting elders at their private homes and facing their life like in a round dance.

Sorry, there is no translation of the book in english available

Journey of an Awkward

Released 2014 by Goethe and Hafis Bonn

The book tells about the time after the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. It describes Stefan's encounter with the island of Sri Lanka, people's fate and destiny after the disaster. As well, his experience on the road with local artists and their traditional puppet-on-a-string-theatre performing for refugees in camps and ruins. 

Benefits out of the book sale supporting the "MANGOFRIENDS" project. 

Sorry, there is no translation of the book in english available


Stefan Birckmann

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